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Phil Robertson Suspended From ‘Duck Dynasty’ Show



Phil Robertson fired From Duck Dynasty, Backlash Continues

[caption id="attachment_76080" align="aligncenter" width="612"]Phil Robertson Suspended From 'Duck Dynasty' Show Phil Robertson Suspended From 'Duck Dynasty' Show [/caption]"Duck Dynasty" Floundering!

Nine million weekly fans are reeling in light of the news relative to an obviously extremely popular Reality TV show, “Duck Dynasty” over comments made by Phil Robertson during a GQ Magazine interview. Both the A&E network and a spokesperson associated with GQ have issued the typical disclaimer statement maintaining Robertson's remarks are not in accord with their respective policies relative to verbal behavior.

Recently, President Barak Obama was cited for not upholding his oath of office to protect and defend the U.S. Constitution's Marriage Amendment. Unlike our president, Robertson has taken a firm stand on the Constitution and exercised its 1st Article right to freedom of speech.

Closer examination of the Robertson interview reveals comments made about “black people” being better off before the Civil Rights Movement. It appears that playing the alternative lifestyle card is garnering more attention than that of the race card.

In what appears to be defense of the head duck, Sarah Palin stated that Robertson's comments do not qualify as a hate crime. Palin categorized Robertson's remarks as “American Exceptionalism.”

Ironically, this issue appears to have surfaced on the heels of news that America will be represented in Russia by two athletes who are of the alternative lifestyle persuasion. Public display of this genre of behavior is banned in Russia.

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