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meteor mystery fireball caught on CCTV (VIDEO)



meteor mystery fireball caught on CCTV

[caption id="attachment_76591" align="aligncenter" width="754"]meteor mystery fireball caught on CCTV (VIDEO) meteor mystery fireball caught on CCTV (VIDEO)[/caption]

Fireball Caught Streaking Across the Midwest by CCTV Camera

North Liberty, Iowa - Where is NASA and the Hubble telescope when they're really needed. While NASA is busy collecting digital images of Jupiter's moons in a quest for possible signs of life, a mysterious fireball streaked across the skies of the Midwest along the Iowa and Minnesota borders. Witnesses said the fireball broke into smaller fragments and resulted in sounds concomitant to a meteor hitting the atmosphere. It was quite a thrill for the otherwise sleepy city of 13,000 people.

There are no official reports of the phenomenon entering our terrestrial "atmo", but American Meteorological Society (AMS) confirmed that they received no less than 700 phone calls from locals reporting the meteor and its sound effects. Witnesses said the amount of light generated by the nighttime meteor was as bright as the sun until it broke into smaller pieces. Now, footage from a local CCTV camera has been released which possibly captured the meteor on film as it streaked through the sky.

The camera which caught the footage was from a CCTV operated by the city North Liberty. Just last month, a meteor lit up the skies over Glendale, California in a manner similar to that seen in Iowa.

Check out the meteor mystery fireball caught on CCTV video below.

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meteor mystery fireball caught on CCTV

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