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Edwin And Davis Lemair Recount Experience of Being Buried Under Snow



[caption id="attachment_76722" align="aligncenter" width="560"]Edwin And Davis Lemair Edwin And Davis Lemair [/caption]Brothers Recount Experience of Being Buried Under Snow

On December 22, Edwin LaMair was given a new lease on life when the 22-year-old was rescued by his younger brother Davis, age 19, following an avalanche while skiing in Vail, Colorado. The two brothers had gone off to the quaint town for a day of skiing, but the trip turned deadly when an avalanche covered Edwin in the snow.

Speaking before cameras for the "Today Show", Edwin expressed the fear he felt that he would be suffocated under the weight of the snow that covered his body. He said the avalanche started underneath his skis as he was descending a slope. Within seconds of watching the ice layer start cracking underneath him, he tumbled head first into the midst of a tree snapping avalanche. Before he knew it, he was at the tail end of the avalanche which took him over a cliff for an 800 foot drop.

He carried with him a portable breathing device containing half-an-hour of oxygen, but the tumble dislodged the mouth piece. His brother was able to see his head peering out of the snow somewhat and began to dig him out. He survives with not much more than an injury to his right leg. The whole rescue was caught on film as David had a camera mounted to his helmet.

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Edwin And Davis Lemair Recount Experience

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