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Airbus pilot reports near-miss with UFO



SETI member believes we will soon know if extraterrestrial life exists

Pilot Nearly Collides Airbus with UFO Over England

In a story bound to spark conspiracy theories among UFO believers, an Airbus pilot chronicled his near collision with a UFO at 6:35PM local time on July 13, 2013. The near collision occurred at an altitude of 34,000 feet over the skies of the Berkshire countryside in southern England.

The captain recalls that while flying the Airbus, an unidentified object in the shape of a rugby ball appeared out of nowhere with such a velocity as to not appear on his instrumentation. However, it approached his airspace so as to put it in a collision course with the plane. Standard procedure for an approaching object required him to immediately alert his first officer, but the object came at the plane so quickly as to prevent him from doing that.

In his report, he stated that he had only enough time to duck as the object came towards the plane's cockpit before it vanished as quickly as it had appeared. The pilot made a formal report of the incident. However, ground control was not able to confirm the presence of any object in the area. As for the captain, he truly believed that a collision was imminent.

Last week some California residents thought that they saw a little more than fireworks in the sky on New Year’s Eve. Residents from Sacramento to Auburn claimed to see strange lights in the sky unlike anything they’ve ever seen. Many residents think that the lights might have been extraterrestrial activity.

The lights were bright enough that they could be seen through trees in the area, catching the attention of quite a few of the area’s residents.

“We saw it right through the trees. It was bright enough to shine directly through the trees without any problem seeing it,” said Steven Brown of Sacramento. “Whatever it was moved up and to the left. It hovered there for probably about 60 seconds, and then it took off at a high rate of speed.”

[caption id="attachment_76953" align="aligncenter" width="450"]UFO sightings reported across California From Placer County to the Hollywood Hills, people reported seeing mysterious lights in the sky on New Year's Eve. UFO sightings reported across California
From Placer County to the Hollywood Hills, people reported seeing mysterious lights in the sky on New Year's Eve.[/caption]

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Airbus pilot near-miss UFO

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