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Norwegian athlete injured on ski course Sochi



Norwegian Snowboarder Injured on Sochi Slopes - Safety Concerns Linger
Sochi, Russia - Just yesterday Olympic Snowboarder Torah Bright was accompanied by her brother and coach Ben Bright for a press conference where they both had some hateful words to describe the safety of the competitive slopes at Sochi. Admittedly, the pair had only seen photographs of the slopes and hadn't yet tested them out first hand. Upon doing so, their criticisms were toned down, but oddly enough a Norwegian snowboarder was injured and carried away on a gurney.

The injured snowboarder was Torstein Horgmo who was, up until the accident, favored by some to win the gold medal. Witnesses on hand say that Horgmo was attempting a complicated aerial twist called the "switch hardway backside 270" when the accident occurred. He collided against what is called the "rail feature" of the slopes. The extent of his injuries aren't known. As one snowboarder explained it, the impact isn't sufficient to gauge the injury. A snowboarder can arise from bad wipe out uninjured and a snowboarder can suffer what seems to be a minor fall and sustain deep injuries.

However, Horgmo's injuries aren't the only unknown. The original questions about slope safety raised by the Brights are now being expressed by others.

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