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Five Ways Facebook Changed Our Lives Over The Past 10 Years



[caption id="attachment_78893" align="aligncenter" width="318"]Five Ways Facebook Changed Our Lives Over The Past 10 Years Five Ways Facebook Changed Our Lives Over The Past 10 Years[/caption]Facebook has changed our lives, mostly for the better

Facebook just turned 10 years old! Isn't that amazing. With over a billion users' worldwide, most of us have been influenced by it at some point or another. Here are 5 ways Facebook has changed our lives...

1. Facebook has drastically changed how we are connected to our friends, family, and even people we barely know. Gone are the days when you have no idea what an old acquaintance from high school is up to. The younger generation now has a tendency to stay connected with their classmates, if even if they aren't. We can keep tabs with our relatives who live thousands of miles away or even half-way across the globe.

2. Facebook has allowed marketing to increase ten-fold and companies to put out their personal brand to millions of people. Networking has become much simpler because of this. Seeing where your Facebook friends work and who they know can make finding a job a bit easier.

3. All the sharing that is done has changed our perception of ourselves. There are studies that show that Facebook can not only make your happier, but also unhappier. How is this possible you ask? If your life is interesting, per se, you're happy to share all that with your friends. But, some of those friends with not-so-interesting lives might become jealous and get sad. I'm sure a good majority of us fall somewhere in-between.

4. Our relationship statuses have changed. We've all heard the statement: "It's not official until you've changed your Facebook status." A validity of a dating relationship is now in the hands of Facebook. How much of this is impacting us though. There are so many instances of miscommunication and jealousy related to Facebook that didn't exist before.

5. And lastly, Facebook has changed our privacy. We now see statuses of our Facebook friends (whom we might not know too well at all) relating to religion or politics. Hot topics, to say the least. Facebook has many privacy settings, but do you really want to know what an old-flame was doing last weekend.

Sean is a London (Ontario) based writer, and has been writing full-time for eCanadaNow since May of 2005, covering Canadian topics and world issues. Since 2009, Sean has been the lead editor for eCanadaNow. Prior to his work writing and editing for the eCanadaNow, he worked as a freelancer for several Canadian newspapers.. You can contact Sean at {Sean at] Google


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