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Mayor: ‘George Clooney has lost his marbles’



George Clooney May Have Marbles Loose as per London Mayor
London, England - George Clooney, famous Hollywood actor, director, and producer, may have apparently stepped in the proverbial canine excrement when he recently chastised England over their possession of Greek Elgin marble artifacts which where were removed from the impoverished nation in the 1800s. The artifacts are now on display in the British Museum. The words spoken by the 52-year-old A-list bachelor were not well-received by London Mayor Boris Johnson who suggested that the actor may have been inspired to make the comments owing to some marble(s) being loose in his own head.

The popular London mayor went on to say that Nazi figure Herman Goering had plans to raid the British Museum much as he had done to museums in Paris had England succumbed to Nazi rule. Mayor Johnson openly asked Clooney if he believes for a moment that the Nazis had any intention of returning the Elgin marble to Greece.

Clooney's latest film, called "The Monuments Men", tells the tale of a WWII effort by the US Military to recapture items of antiquity before the Nazi regime could destroy them towards the end of the war. The movie was made on a budget of $70 million and has been under performing at the box office with current sales of $33 million globally.


Mayor: 'George Clooney has lost his marbles'

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