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karen Gravano Grand Theft: Woman Sues Creators of Grand Theft Auto V



[caption id="attachment_71370" align="alignright" width="275"]karen Gravano Grand Theft: karen Gravano Grand Theft:[/caption]Karen Gravano Sues Creators of Grand Theft Auto V

The designers of the popular mission-based video game, Grand Theft Auto V, are facing a $40-million lawsuit by Karen Gravano of Mob Wives. The 41-year-old former reality television star claims the company created a character, Antonia Bottino, based on her lifestyle without her permission.

Gravano claims the sole reason for the lawsuit is that she was not remunerated for using her storyline. Her life is no secret to the public as she has written a book “Mob Daughter: The Mafia , Sammy, “The Bull” Gravano, and Me!” and appeared in television shows where she shared her life experiences. Gravano feels that it is her story to tell and if it is going to continue to be shared, she would like to profit from it.

Not only have the creators and writers utilized pieces of her life to create their character, but there were other members of Gravano’s family that were being depicted in the video game as well.

The creators of Grand theft Auto V has yet to speak on the $40-million lawsuit. However, Gravano had a message for them. She warned “the makers of Grand Theft Auto V better hope they don’t wake up next to a horse head.”

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