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Blackberry Suffers Major Outage: Company Says Problems Fixed



Blackberry Releases New Protected Messaging Feature Ahead of Schedule

[caption id="attachment_79580" align="aligncenter" width="620"]Blackberry Network Down:  Users Complain Of Widespread Outages Blackberry Network Down: Users Complain Of Widespread Outages[/caption]Blackberry Users Battle Network Outage

According to online reports, many Blackberry users have been suffering from a network outage since around Tuesday at 9 a.m. ET. This outage seems to be affecting many users in Canada and the Asia-Pacific region, and many of them have complained about their email and messaging services not working correctly. Though it is not know for sure what has caused the problem yet a potential cause has been said to be discovered, and Blackberry has begun to try to attack the problem.

This outage is a huge problem in Canada since many users there rely upon Blackberry services, and there have been complaints from all different provinces including Ontario, Quebec, Manitoba, British Colombia, and Nova Scotia. Blackberry has apologized to all the users that this outage is affecting and has managed to partially fix the problem, but they are still working on completely fixing it as fast as they can.

Another major Canadian carrier, Telus Corp, said some of their customers were affected, and directed further inquiries to BlackBerry, which said it had identified a potential cause and was working on a fix.

BlackBerry later said the problems had been fixed and services resumed for all users in the affected regions.

Blackberry's outage has come at a terrible time for the company due to their declining popularity in recent years. Many customers have been taken away by the idea of bigger and better touch screens run by Google and Apple and have forgotten about Blackberry all together. It also didn't help Blackberry's popularity when they had a similar outage in October of 2008. Though Blackberry used to be a very popular choice for bankers on Wall Street and politicians in Washington, this is not the case anymore.

To battle their declining sales, Blackberry has recently been changing who their target customers are. Instead of trying to intrigue everyday customers, they have began to work towards satisfying the needs of business men and government workers by creating a more secure messaging system. Blackberry has been working with telecommunication companies and even runs its own global network to work towards this goal.

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