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Rovio Teases a New Medieval Angry Birds in YouTube Video



[caption id="attachment_81155" align="aligncenter" width="600"]Rovio Teases a New Medieval Angry Birds in YouTube Video Rovio Teases a New Medieval Angry Birds in YouTube Video[/caption]Angry birds has rather quickly gone from a small game to one of the biggest mobile games on the planet - and Rovio has never shown any signs of stopping, releasing one spin-off after another. Up to this date, Rovio has made everything from "normal" Angry Birds to games with the Star Wars license - even a spin-off starring the pigs instead of the birds.

Recently, Rovio announced Angry Birds Stella, which has several new bird types, including a pink bird - but this new announcement has come out of left field. In a short video posted to YouTube on Friday, Rovio teased the existence of some sort of medieval themed Angry Birds title.

The trailer, which is only 28 seconds long, pans across a set of armor before coming to rest on the helmet, showing the iconic red bird inside of it before the bird flies off the suit of armor in the helmet.

Of course, the game's castle-like structures that the birds must destroy in every other iteration of the series will lend themselves quite well to this new setting. While this new as of yet untitled Angry Birds game does not have a release date quite yet - we do know that it will be launching in Canada, Australia, and New Zealand first, then in other countries later on.

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Rovio video teases medieval-themed Angry Birds

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