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It’s Official: Selfies on Instagram are More Popular



[caption id="attachment_69384" align="aligncenter" width="620"]More Americans Sexting, But Still Not As Much As Canadians Olympics: Are You Vane Enough To Win? Former Corie Star Helen Flanagan may be the queen of selfies[/caption]Well, it took 1.1 million facial pictures and the technical genius of propeller heads at Yahoo Labs researchers and the Georgia Institute of Technology to determine what Kim Kardashian could have told them: Instagram face pictures are the most popular with people. Sure enough, anyone can post a lovely picture of the Eiffel tower or the breathtaking scenery at Banff National Park, but if your face is in the shot, it will be 38% more popular than it would be otherwise. The study also found that face shots are 32% more likely to attract comments.

The findings hold true for anyone regardless of their celebrity status. It just goes to show that if people want to see nice pictures of a building or city, they'll buy a postcard of it. What people want to see is someone in front of that building or city. However, the report does caution social networkers against getting too greedy for attention. The law of diminishing returns applies. Those who upload too many pictures reduce the probability that the photographs will be seen and commented on.

Again, the prowess of the mother of all socialites Kim Kardashian shines again. It takes occasional postings of a select shots to attract attention. Also notable in the study was the fact that it's not just pretty young faces that are popular on Instagram. Despite the website's popularity with younger people, photographs of men and women of all ages can attract both likes and comments.

The research was gathered using facial detection software. It should be noted that the report does not conclude as to why human faces make pictures more popular than those without. However, it seems obvious at the same time that a face communicates an awful lot of feelings which is what likely makes photographs with them all the more popular.

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