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Kate Middleton Wears Same Dress As Another Guest At Wedding



Kate Middleton Wears Same Dress As Another Guest At Wedding

[caption id="attachment_82364" align="aligncenter" width="280"]Kate Middleton Wears Same Dress As Another Guest At Wedding Kate Middleton Wears Same Dress As Another Guest At Wedding[/caption]Duchess Kate's Very Common Shopping Spree

London, England - Duchess Kate did some last minute shopping ahead of her vacation to Australia and New Zealand.

The royal, who can shop anywhere she pleases and have any number of high-end fashion designers create apparel for her, chose to go to the venue known as "The Gap".

Needless to say, the move was the best sort of publicity the clothing retailer could hope to achieve by having an attractive member of the Royal family shop for clothes for herself, husband and child at their location.

Fans of The Gap may recall the advice given to Steve Carell by the dapper Ryan Gosling in the 2011 film "Crazy, Stupid, Love" when Gosling helps Carell begin rediscovering his now cuckolded manhood with the chant, "I am better than The Gap." Well, it turns out that the duchess disagrees.

So just what did the duchess purchase? For the modest sum of $210.45 she bought: navy blue and grey stripped pants for her husband, two white and navy blue stripped onesies for the baby, and denim shorts for herself. Needless to say, the royal showed off a down-to-earth side of herself that is sure to endear her to many Americans who also do not consider themselves better than "The Gap".

Shopping at the GAP isn't the only fashion no-no Middleton has made recently.

According to Examiner, the Duchess was wearing the same outfit as another guest at the nuptials of friends Lucy Meade and Charlie Budgett in Gloucestershire on Sunday.

The woman, reported to be one Sarah Baillie, wore the exact same blue tweed Missoni coat as Princess Catherine.

To add fuel to the fashion fire, this isn't the first time Middle has worn the dress; the 32-year-old wore said coat at luxury department store Fortnum & Mason in 2012 and sported the blue dress underneath the coat at the 2012 Olympics Closing Ceremony.

The Huff post notes that the crisis was averted:

Luckily, the two women styled their ensembles differently so it didn't even matter that they shared a love for the Missoni beauty: Baillie accessorized with pink strappy sandals and a white woven clutch while Prince George's mum accessorized with a deep navy hat and matching clutch.

What do you think? Should the Duchess Of Cambridge have her own stylist?


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