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Is Texting Ruining Dating?



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[caption id="attachment_82136" align="aligncenter" width="922"]Is Texting Ruining Dating? Is Texting Ruining Dating?[/caption]

Different Ways that Texting Takes the Thrill Out of a Date


In a sign of just how powerful the invention of the short messaging service (SMS) protocol has evolved into, the process of sending brief non-graphical or textual messages can adversely impact dating. Texting, as it's more commonly called, evolved from pagers to Blackberry devices and are now considered a standard feature of any cell phone plan worth its salt. So just how does it affect a person either during or after a date? The following examples offer insights.

  1. Mysterious motives - Dating can often be stressful as a person seeking companionship or the approval of someone special is prone to insecurity. Watching their date send receive text messages can heighten the feeling that the dating experience doesn't mean that much to the "texter". After all, can the date really be all that into the other person if their attention is taken up in texts to someone else?
  2. Paranoia - This is closely related to number one, but it still deserves its own particular mention. People's facial expressions can be hidden or altered when texting which can put their date on a real mind twist. After all, 60% of what we understand from our interpersonal communication comes from body language.
  3. Mixed Emotions - Trying to communicate an emotion to a person you have dated via emoticons can give the other person a completely different impression of how you viewed the date with them.

In short, there's no easy way to communicate your feelings and while texting allows a person to control exactly what they say, there's still no guarantee it will be understood as intended.

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