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Eye Catching Polaris Slingshot Recalled and Sales Haulted



Eye Catching Polaris Slingshot Recalled and Sales Haulted

[caption id="attachment_91774" align="aligncenter" width="601"]Eye Catching Polaris Slingshot Recalled and Sales Haulted Eye Catching Polaris Slingshot Recalled and Sales Haulted[/caption]

In July of 2014, the introduction of the sleek and exciting Polaris Slingshot brought traffic to a stop in Minneapolis. The hot looking three-wheeled vehicle with the horsepower of a Mustang and handling capability of a Lamborghini was all the rage at the 2015 Consumers Electronics Show in Vegas.

An internal Polaris Industries Technical Service Bulletin dated January 21st, 2015 states the Slingshot safety concern is that it was manufactured with a steering rack that does not meet the company's general quality standards. The safety notice includes the directive to Stop Ride and Stop Sale. The Stop Ride directive includes test rides.

Slingshot owners have the risk of a steering failure, which may cause the driver to lose control and suffer a vehicle crash. Dealerships have steering rack replacement procedures to replace the correct the vehicle defect.

Although no accidents have been reported, there were 1,896 of the new units recalled this week.Customers were directly notified about the recall from Polaris staff and dealers. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has weighed in to ask owners not to use the vehicle until all safety concerns are addressed.

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Credit: Kampus Production via Pexels
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