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2 thoughts on “GO Transit Helping People Stay Connected with Free WiFi At More Stations

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    Out of 10 people on the train, 9 probably have data plan and are connected anyway, so this step is predominantly useless, it should have been done 10-15 years ago.
    But oil have dropped to nearly half its price but Go transit just hiked the price up, how about that?

    I did inquire about price hike. Customer rep told me they getting better and building all around GTA. I do believe that, but I only use 1 line and not ready to subsidize their construction all around. If they force me to do that, I want to share their revenues once they have more lines and hence more customers.

    I think they should be regulated because in the last 10 years the price doubled and I see no improvement at all on my line, it was bad (late, slow, etc) and still such.

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    So for our fare increase, second or third major one in less that two years I believe, we get wifi in the stations? Big deal! How about making the train doors close in the winter? That would be a good use of the amount of money/effort instead. I’m sure there was a multi million dollar study to determine that wifi is needed in the stations for those poor souls that have to spend more than an half hour at the station. Really ?? The recent fare increase is making me wonder about alternatives to taking the train now. Are the fare increase’s going to happen every year until no one can afford the train any more ?

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