When The Zombie Apocalypse Happens, Head for The Hills

When The Zombie Apocalypse Happens, Head for The Hills
When The Zombie Apocalypse Happens, Head for The Hills

If the zombie apocalypse happens, scientists say you should head for the hills

Science has been at it again. Researchers have gone into depth with seeking out the best answers for the general public if and when a zombie apocalypse happens. While many of us would discard or discredit such findings, scientists hold fast with the notion that zombies could happen, and where the best places are to go to survive them.

Specifics and Generalities

The researchers of epidemiology at Cornell University have replicated what they feel the zombie outbreak will look like. They have gone farther in the research to also determine the movements of the zombies and where a person can go to avoid losing their brains for a zombie dinner.

Generally speaking, it is highly suggested for individuals to learn the best routes to the states of Montana and Idaho. In a more specific sense, the number one place where it is felt that the average human can avoid being a zombie dinner is Glacier National Park in Montana.

Scarcity is Best

The overall research showed that by far the best way to survive zombies is to get to an area where there are fewer people rather than more. Big cities and densly populated areas will offer a faster spread rate as well as a higher probability that personal safety will be at issue.

The question at hand is whether or not a sudden flood of the population would not otherwise then infect the sparsely populated areas. Scientists feel confident at this point in time that this would not be the case because many would become infected before reaching the hills and not successfully save self.

This leaves you and I. Should a course of action against zombies include a way to get to the mountains, or are we better off simply erecting a shelter where we are?

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One thought on “When The Zombie Apocalypse Happens, Head for The Hills

  1. Avatar

    It’s already too late, you won’t make it.
    If you live in any major city. You will be just one of millions of vehicles trying to escape the city. The highways will be blocked, accident’s will stop traffic and you will be forced to flee into the surrounding country side with thousands and thousands of others.
    If you did make it to America as suggested in this article I hope you’re armed. Everyone else will be.
    Your only chance is to live already out in the country at least 10km from major highways (or those marauding crowds from the broke down cars will come and steal your food and gear.

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