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Serena Williams apologizes for comments



Serena Williams apologizes for comments (photo courtesy katherine Shann)

[caption id="attachment_66866" align="aligncenter" width="400"]Serena Williams apologizes for comments (photo courtesy katherine Shann) Serena Williams apologizes for comments (photo courtesy katherine Shann)[/caption]Serena Williams apologizes for comments

Earlier this month Serena Williams bested rival, Maria Sharapova in the French Open final. However, this wasn't the only back and forth between the two tennis stars as multiple comments have arisen from the two regarding each other.

It started with Serena in an interview with Rolling Stone where she made some critical comments about "a top-five player who is now in love." She never directly said that she was talking about Sharapove but it was strongly implied that the comments were aimed at her long time rival.

Things heated up even more when Sharapove fired back at Serena in a news conference in which she did not hold her tongue at all.

She made it very clear that she did not like the comments that were supposedly made about her.

Some of the comments Serena made were supposedly about Maria Sharapova's love life. Sharapova fired back even harder in regards to Serena's love life. Serena did not go back at Sharapova, but instead stated that she has since apologized. Even going as far to say that she personally talked to Maria at the player party. Serena went on to say that the reported made wrongful assumptions about her comments in the interview.

“I apologize for everything that was said in that article,” said Williams, who had issued an apology about her remarks on the case on her Web site, shortly after the article was published. “I feel like, you know, you say things without having all the information. It’s really important before you make certain comments to have a full list, have all the information, all the facts,” she said at the news conference.

“I reached out to the family immediately once the article came out, and I had a really productive, sincere conversation with the mother and the daughter. We came to a wonderful understanding, and we’re constantly in contact.”

"I take full responsibility. I definitely wanted to apologise to the family. They've been through so much. In talking to them and learning the whole story, you just learn how strong the young girl is, how strong she's been able to make me through this process, which I think is incredible."

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