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Shin Soo-ji pitch Could Be The Coolest Opening Pitch Ever (VIDEO)



Shin Soo-ji pitch Could Be The Coolest Opening Pitch Ever

Shin Soo-ji Throws Baseball Pitch

Rhythmic gymnasts spend hours every day training, building up their flexibility, elegance, and evidently muscle strength. South Korean rhythmic gymnast, Shin Soo-ji, tossed the ceremonial opening pitch in a recent baseball game on July 5th between the Doosan Bears and the Samsung Lions. Like a true rhythmic gymnast, Shin Shoo-ji did not simply throw the baseball, she performed a series of complicated twists and spins before releasing the ball, finishing with a smile on her face. Although the majority of us couldn't dream of performing such complex moves requiring extreme grace, elegance and stability, for a trained rhythmic gymnast, this standard move is called a back illusion; one of the many skills that a rhythmic gymnast must be able to perform.

In general, the first pitch is thrown in traditional fashion. In particular, for a non trained baseball player, simply throwing the required distance can be a difficult task. Combine that with flashy moves, and you have a young rhythmic gymnast not only impressing the crowds, but the baseball players as well.

Shin Soo-ji participated in the 2008 Olympics in Beijing. She also participated in the Korean version of "Dancing With the Stars." Perhaps this young rhythmic gymnast has a future career in baseball.

[caption id="attachment_67387" align="aligncenter" width="669"]Shin Soo-ji pitch Could Be The Coolest Opening Pitch Ever Shin Soo-ji pitch Could Be The Coolest Opening Pitch Ever[/caption]

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