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Peyton Manning 7 TDs, Sets A Pile Of New Records



Peyton Manning Ties NFL Record 7 TDs - First Time in 44 Years

Denver, CO - The Denver Broncos kicked off the pre-season in grand fashion by putting their proverbial fists before the faces of the defending Super Bowl Champion Baltimore Ravens. The seven touch downs resulted in a handy defeat of the Ravens by the score of 49-27.

The 6'5" native of New Orleans helped his Broncos open up a gigantic can of whoop &something that rhymes with grass on the visiting Ravens. Manning's record performance solidifies the conventional wisdom that the 2013 NFL Season will conclude with Denver bringing home the Super Bowl victory. It marked the first time in 44 years that a QB threw seven touchdowns in a single game.

In all fairness, while Denver unequivocally spanked Baltimore, Manning & company were playing a completely different defensive line. Baltimore lost seven starters that gave them the Super Bowl victory over San Francisco. Among the players they lost were Ed Reed and Ray Louis who were considered the backbone of the impregnable Baltimore defense.

So it wasn't just skill on Manning's part, but a newly formed and inexperienced Baltimore defensive line that contributed to the rout. No doubt the Baltimore defensive coordinator has lined his kitty's litter box with the old play book while he goes back to the drawing board for new defensive tactics.

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