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Wes Welker Dresses Up As Britney Reports Wes Welker



[caption id="attachment_70146" align="aligncenter" width="350"]Wes welker Britney Wes welker Britney (photo courtesy Jeffrey Beall)[/caption]

Wes Welker captured n video doing Britney Spears imitation


It may not have been pretty, but New England Patriots receiver Wes Welker did it anyway. He dressed up like Britney Spears appearing at a pep rally at his Oklahoma high school. He told "NFL Total Access" he put on a blonde wig and small sports bra during the pep rally to entertain other students.Welker said he wanted to deny the Spears look-alike attempt, but couldn't due to it being on video for all the world to see. He joked that he paid off the people who retained the video. However, the joke was on Welker as the video surfaced online courtesy of in Oklahoma. Titled "From PKC student to Super Bowl star," the video showed Welker at Heritage Hall High School lip-syncing to a Spears song, wearing a hula skirt and blonde wig.

A former teacher, Betsy Horn, said Welker brought down the house with his Spears imitations in a lip-sync contest his senior year. It's all part of the Welker high school legacy, said Rod Warner, the school football coach who said Welker was a dedicated football player as well as a Britney Spears impersonator. These days, of course, Welker is a star for the Patriots.

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