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David Beckham Prefers Pitt to start in Biopic movie



[caption id="attachment_74845" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Photo: Kunal Shah Photo: Kunal Shah[/caption]English soccer great David Beckham admits that if Hollywood ever wants to make a film about his storied career, he would choose hot hunk Brad Pitt to portray him in the biopic. In a recent radio interview, Beckham acknowledged that Pitt would be his first choice to play him, with actor Leonardo DiCaprio, who has already portrayed billionaire Howard Hughes on film, coming in a close second. When pressed on whether he might consider any other actors worthy of the role, Beckham said that Bradley Cooper is another distinct possibility. The 38-year old Beckham, who has a brood of four sons with former "Spice Girl" Victoria Beckham, says that each of the actors he named are "not bad looking", probably one of the biggest understatements ever uttered.

Even though Beckham officially ended his sports career this past spring, he hasn't become pudgy sitting around the house.

"I'm coping pretty well. I had lots of things set up for when I called it a day," he said. "I was very lucky I finished my career on such a high. My career was pretty successful over the last 20 years and to be able to finish my career at PSG with a trophy, and then walk away from football, was very special".

He credits the physical exertion required to chase after four growing boys with helping him to avoid getting a belly, and teases that his wife is expecting him to get a paunch around his waistline any day now but that he's managed to delay it. He and Victoria are currently busy renovating their London home.

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