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Vitor Belfort Commercial: UFC Fighter Beats Up Church Goers (VIDEO)



Vitor Belfort Commercial: UFC Fighter Beats Up Church Goers (VIDEO)

[caption id="attachment_75718" align="aligncenter" width="330"]Vitor Belfort Commercial:  UFC Fighter Beats Up Church Goers (VIDEO) Vitor Belfort Commercial: UFC Fighter Beats Up Church Goers (VIDEO)[/caption]Vitor Belfort's Odd Commercial to Promote Better Attention Span at Church

Brazilian MMA champion Vitor Belfort starred in a ~4 minute commercial for Elevation Church to encourage better audience attention and reverence at services. In one sense, Belfort comes across as the character called "The Lover" played by Henry Winkler in the 1978 film "The One and Only". Winker's character was said to hate violence so much, he once beat up several men because he hates violence so much.

The film was intended to interject humor into a message of reverence. However, it came across as odd. Church goers found nodding off, texting, or internet surfing during church services were abducted by bouncers, blindfolded and tossed in a van. When their blindfolds are removed they find themselves in what the MMA champion refers to as "Vitor's House" - an MMA cage. Belfort then sets about giving the men a righteous beat down where he takes payment for their trespasses via a pound of their flesh that they might learn that irreverence is a sin.

The film was put together by the Creative Pastor of Elevation Church. As for Belfort's involvement, he is an avid Christian who is unafraid to share his beliefs. Apparently, he's also ready to use his unique set of bone crushing skills for the greater good.

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