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Schumacher Still Critical Say Doctors



Schumacher Still Critical Say Doctors

[caption id="attachment_76662" align="aligncenter" width="443"]Schumacher Still Critical Say Doctors Schumacher Still Critical Say Doctors[/caption]Doctors: Schumacher Still Critical

The prognosis is still bleak for Michael Schumacher, who suffered critical injuries in a ski accident in the French Alps on Sunday. Doctors at Grenoble University Hospital in Eastern France have said that it is still too early to tell whether or not the Formula One racing legend will pull through.

“We carried out an emergency operation to drain away intra-cranial blood clots,” said neurosurgeon Neurosurgeon Professor Stéphan Chabardès said at a news conference that an emergency surgery was performed to drain blood clots surrounding the brain. Added Chabardès, "While the post-surgery scanner showed an evacuation of the intra-cranial blood clots, it also, unfortunately, showed widespread bilateral hemorrhagic lesions.”

Chief anesthesiologist Jean-Francois Payen said at a press conference, ""We cannot predict the future for Michael Schumacher."

"He is in a critical state in terms of cerebral resuscitation," he added. "We are working hour by hour."

Schumacher was skiing with his son in the French Alps Sunday morning when he fell and hit the left side of his head on a rock. Doctors have stated that someone who had not been wearing protective head gear would not have survived the injury.

Schumacher was conscious when rescue workers first arrived on the scene, although he was agitated and in shock. The doctors working on his care have put him in a medically induced coma to help relieve pressure on his brain.

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Schumacher still critical

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