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Unusual hobbies of the famous anthony adams gymnastics



Unusual hobbies of the famous anthony adams gymnastics

[caption id="attachment_77045" align="aligncenter" width="540"]Unusual hobbies of the famous anthony adams gymnastics Unusual hobbies of the famous anthony adams gymnastics[/caption]Anthony Adams' Unusual Hobby of Gymnastics

Anthony Adams is a newly retired professional NFL defense tackle who played for the Chicago Bears from 2007 to 2011. While he didn't break any NFL records, his career lasted longer than most who aspire to make it in America's national past time.

Now, the six foot 310-lb block of muscle intends to launch another career at the age of 33 and it is something which is being reported as a hobby of his: gymnastics. In all fairness, it appears that gymnastics is being called a hobby of his simply because he's not being taken seriously as a gymnast due to his age and weight. However, you couldn't tell from his effort. Adams is training hard and hopes to make the US gymnastics team for the 2016 games in Rio de Janeiro.

Admittedly, Adams has a long way to go to beat out a crowded field of athletes who have worked their whole young lives to land a spot on the team. Many of those prospective Olympic gymnasts are half his age and perhaps a third of his weight. Regardless, his effort to fine tune his body will pay dividends for him. Many of his fellow NFL retirees may be laughing today, but their weight is set to explode as their eating regimen remains unchanged in their sedentary post-NFL lives.

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