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Brett Favre’s Beard Is Awesome



Brett Favre's Beard Is Awesome

[caption id="attachment_77135" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Brett Favre's Beard Is Awesome Brett Favre's Beard Is Awesome[/caption]Brett Favre's Beard Drawing Attention

Brett Favre may have turned in his cleats and uniform to drift into retirement, but the man once known as "The Gunslinger" still commands attention at the age of 44. The man destined to be inducted in the Hall of Fame was at an event sponsored by where he was set to be the guest speaker.

Favre still looks handsome as he's kept himself in good shape. He once again sports a beard which gives him a rugged mountain man look. It's a "Grizzly Adams" look, but Favre makes it work.

Despite being out of NFL, he's kept close contact with the sport as he is the assistant head coach for the Oak Grove High School football team in Mississippi. His team recently won the state championship. Speaking of the championship, Favre said it came close to the thrill he experienced winning Super Bowl XXXI back in 1996.

There were rumors that he was considering coming out of retirement, but he dismissed them. Favre has admitted that he suffers from short term memory loss from the countless hits he endured as a quarterback. The issue of concussions has been a sensitive matter in the NFL as former players experience the negative effects of concussions later in life.

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