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Oscar Pistorius Settles Assault Case While Murder Trial Loom



Pistorius trial witness heard screams

[caption id="attachment_62303" align="aligncenter" width="399"]Oscar Pistorius Settles Assault Case While Murder Trial Loom Oscar Pistorius Settles Assault Case While Murder Trial Loom
[/caption]Centurion, South Africa - Under advisement from his attorney, Oscar Pistorius, a world famous double-amputee sprint runner, has settled out of court on a civil assault charge stemming from a 2009 incident where he was accused of assaulting a guest at a party. Pistorius had intended to challenge the civil lawsuit, but his attorney convinced him that he could not effectively fight the more weighty murder charge at the same time.

Pistorius is alleged to have shot and killed his lover at his home this past Valentine's Day. The murder trial is set to commence in March. As for the civil lawsuit, he was accused of injuring Cassidy Taylor-Memmory when he thrust a door shut and struck it with his hand. In his own words, he is feeling much less stress with having to deal with two legal cases at the same time.

Now that he is free of any encumbrances from the civil trial, he will have his full energies to devote to his defense in the death of Reeva Steenkamp. Prosecutors have charged him with premeditated murder for her shooting death. He maintains that he mistook her for a home invader when he dropped her with a handgun.

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Oscar Pistorius Settles Assault Case While Murder Trial Loom

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