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Rio Pee Patrols To Crack Down On Public Urination To Promote Tourism



[caption id="attachment_61661" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Rio Pee Patrols To Crack Down On Public Urination Rio Pee Patrols To Crack Down On Public Urination[/caption]Rio 'Pee Patrol' Police Crackdown on Public Urination Ahead of Carnival

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil - The most populous nation in South America is now cracking down on public urination in its most popular tourist destination.

It is part of an effort by the city to deal with the number one complaint residents have of the annual Carnival. For years, residents have come to accept that public urination during the Carnival is just part of the experience because many of the participants drink plenty of beer and cachaça, a sugar cane liquor.

Those people looking to relieve themselves will do so in doorways, street corners, and car tires. Authorities seek to change that and have begun deploying police officers to fine, detain, and in some cases arrest people found relieving themselves in public.

Brazil is hosting the 2016 Olympics and has been going to considerable lengths to clean up all forms of crime in this city from drug trafficking to street crime.

"It's the biggest complaint we get," says Alex Costa, Rio's secretary for public order.

"We just want to educate," Costa says, "give people pause."

The "Pee Patrol" is just another part of an ongoing effort to "clean house".

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