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family missing at sea: Coast Guard Still Searching



Identity of Family Missing at Sea Still a Mystery

A family missing at sea off the central coast of California remains unidentified.

Coast Guard Chief Petty Officer Mike Lutz explained "There is still no information on where the boat was coming from, where it was going or who the people on board are."

The Coast Guard was made aware of the family's predicament during the late hours of Sunday afternoon by way of a series of distress calls announcing they were abandoning their sinking ship, tentatively identified as the "Charm Blow". Further information from the calls revealed that the family includes a married couple, their four year old son and his young cousin.

The boat had no working GPS system, but investigators used the boat's radio signal and radar in an attempt to narrow down the area where the ship went down. They believe the call came from about 100 miles south of San Francisco, west of Monterey.

A massive search is under way and will continue until they meet success or the limits of survivability have passed. Authorities are asking the public for help in identifying the family, and have released a recording of one of the distress calls ( in support of this effort.

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