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Miracle Chicken Eggs: Chinese Chicken Lays Massive Half Pound Egg (PHOTO)



Miracle Chicken Eggs: Chinese Chicken Lays Huge Half Pound Egg

[caption id="attachment_63669" align="aligncenter" width="600"]Miracle Chicken Eggs: Chinese Chicken Lays Huge Half Pound Egg Miracle Chicken Eggs: Chinese Chicken Lays Huge Half Pound Egg[/caption]Chinese Chicken Lays Huge Half Pound Egg

A chicken belonging to an 87-year old woman in a Chinese village has accomplished an extraordinary feat.

The hen has managed to lay one of the largest ever eggs, weighing at a half-pound in size.

The incredible giant egg not only contained double yolks inside, it also contained another smaller egg completely formed, including the shell, inside.

The chicken has been providing its owner with very large double-yolk eggs on a daily basis for the past few weeks but the giant half-pound egg was the first time it delivered a triple-yolk egg.

The proud owner of the hen, who has not been identified, reported that she thought that her chicken was dying because it caused so much commotion while laying the gigantic triple-yolk egg. She attributes the hen's ability to lay such a large egg to the fact that she feeds it a quality diet of rice on a daily basis.

The chances of cracking open a double yolked egg are pretty slim. One tenth of one per cent in fact, according to the Daily Mail.

World's Smallest Egg Discovered at Bed & Breakfast

The owner of a Bed and Breakfast establishment in Northumberland, Great Britain, made a surprising discovery in his hen house earlier this year. What is possibly the world's smallest hen egg was laid by one of the chickens at Paul Rae's farm and measures smaller than a 20p piece.

According to reports, Rae and his wife Margaret, who operate the Walwick Farmhouse Bed and Breakfast, don't know exactly which of their chickens, whom they affectionately call "Margaret's Girls" delivered the very tiny egg.

Rae has submitted proof of his findings to the Guinness Book of World Records, hoping that it will be determined officially that its miniscule size renders it the smallest hen egg ever found anywhere in the world.

Last year, Rae had submitted what he thought may have been the largest hen egg to officials at Guinness but that egg was not determined to have been the largest sized egg ever discovered.

"It is very rare," Mr Rae added.

What would you do with the miracle chicken’s egg?

[caption id="attachment_63716" align="aligncenter" width="628"]Miracle Chicken Eggs: Chinese Chicken Lays Huge Half Pound Egg Miracle Chicken Eggs: Chinese Chicken Lays Huge Half Pound Egg[/caption]
WATCH: Miracle Chinese Chicken Lays Giant Egg WITH ANOTHER EGG INSIDE!

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