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5 thoughts on “Decapitated Referee: Ref Kills Player Then Fans Kill Ref, Place Head On Stick (VIDEO)

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    Ladies and Gentlemen — behold, Brazil, the next host for the summer olympics. Be very worried. There will be more coverage of crimes than the competitions. I had wanted to save my $$ and go – but I had a friend visit Rio recently and he said it was a total crap hole and full of violence. They were warned not to wear any jewelry and to wear their least expensive clothing. There were still multiple people from the cruise ship mugged while visiting the city.

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    I think I will save my money and not go to the World Cup in Brazil, I will enjoy myself at home, with my friends and a few beers and stay safe. They can keep their football and their beautiful country, I have my beautiful life thank you and I want to keep it that way.

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    I’m not a football fan and so know next to nothing about the game. This tragedy is just another example of God’s favoured species behaving as it is prone to behave. I daresay a game of Tiddleywinks, if the stakes were high enough, would prompt some of the less restrained spectators to be violent when a game didn’t go according to their expectations. It’s not easy to be proud to be a member of such a species, and yet, were we not such an aggressive, bad-tempered, unreasoning creature we could not have survived to the present, where we can criticise the things that made our survival possible! To me it’s a mind-numbing thought:-)

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      What is this empty babble you are going on about? Are you trying to sound “deep”? This was a horrible thing that happened. Go somewhere and sit down and stay away from keyboards!

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    This stuff is absolutely insane, this is by faaaar the stupidest sport in the entire world. First of all, no ref would ever stab anyone in a real American sport and second, not a person in this country takes a sport nearly as serious as these losers in Brazil do. They play a sport that requires by far the least talent to play too, I would love to see one of these soccer(not football) players step on a football field, then they would get emasculated and leave the field crying after 3 plays.

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