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Ashley Roberts Worried About Helen Flanagan After Burglary



[caption id="attachment_67256" align="aligncenter" width="620"]Helen Flanagan Selfie Pic Shows Former Corry Star All Grown Up Ashley Roberts Helen Flanagan burglary[/caption]Ashley Roberts Concerned Over Helen Flanagan's Safety

Ashley Roberts became good friends with Helen Flanagan following a stint they shared together on the reality TV show "I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here!”

Roberts, age 31, is a performer and was one part of the girl group "The Pussycat Dolls".

She said that she's concerned about the safety of Helen Flanagan following the home burglary she endured last month when thieves robbed her home while she was alone.

Roberts told The Sun: "I am very worried for her. I can't believe it. I heard she tweeted she was home alone and she was burgled."

The singer added: "She's Helen. Bless her. I hope she's going to be okay."

Flanagan had tweeted her fans that her boyfriend had left the home and she was now alone and burglars arrived.

Flanagan, age 22, lost many valuables in the heist, but was most concerned about the loss of her iPhone which contained many "selfies" of herself some of which were nude pictures.

In addition, the iPhone contained intimate texts between her and her ex-boyfriend Scott Sinclair.

Flanagan ended that relationship after she discovered his infidelity with another woman to whom he had been texting sexual messages. The UK tabloid “The Sun” reports that it was the loss of the iPhone with its images and texts that brought the actress to tears.

Insurance will likely replace the jewelry and other valuables perhaps directly, but the images can create a legal nightmare for the actress should they surface on the internet and she have to fight to block their use.

Roberts did express her confidence in her friend Helen that she'll overcome this ordeal. For her part, American-born Roberts was quite popular on the reality TV show finishing in the number two position in the closest vote tally the show had seen. Her friend Flanagan was the sixth player eliminated from the show.

A spokesman for the 22-year-old TV star said: “We confirm the home Helen shares with Scott was burgled last night.

“Helen is naturally very shaken but is unharmed. The police have been called and are investigating.”

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