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Ryanair Apologies After Refusing Refund To Dead Passanger



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[caption id="attachment_68669" align="aligncenter" width="640"]Ryanair Apologies After Refusing Refund To Dead Passanger Ryanair Apologies After Refusing Refund To Dead Passanger[/caption]Ryanair Apologises after Pressure from Dead Cancer Victims Family

Beryl Parson's family contacted Ryanair in order to get a refund for a flight she was scheduled to be on. Mrs. Parson, a cancer patient, passed away more than 28 days before her flight.

Initially Ryanair refused to grant the refund to the family because her passing was not in their bereavement refund period. As their terms and conditions state a refund is only given if the death occurs in the 28 day period.

After cancelling Christmas plans because of Mrs. Parson's health the family had hoped for one last vacation together. 44 year old Mr. Parson had booked a trip to the Canary Islands for October of this year with his mother and the rest of their family.

Ryanair expressed condolences to the family but initially refused refund. That is until Mr. Parson threatened to bring Mrs. Parson's urn containing her ashes on the plane with them. Mr. Parson stated he intended to make a youtube video of the fight in order to punish the airline for what he saw as unfair and disrespectful treatment.

Ryanair then contacted the family a second time stating that they were in error and the family was entitled to a refund. They received a full refund and Ryanair apologized to the family.

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