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Finally! Vending Machine That Dispenses Live Crabs Now In China (VIDEO)



[caption id="attachment_70078" align="aligncenter" width="630"]Finally! Live Crab Vending Machine Hits China Finally! Live Crab Vending Machine Hits China[/caption]

China Launches Live Crab Vending Machine

Hangzhou, China - in this thriving metropolis of over 21 million people, one savvy vendor has launched a one of a kind crab vending machine where customers can purchase live crabs for 20 or 60 Yuan which is the equivalent of £2 and £6.20; the size of the crab is what differentiates the price.

The crabs are said to be chilled but still alive. Does this mean that those purchasing the crabs need a bag and gloves in order to retrieve their purchase? Not so. Each crab comes packaged in a nice plastic container with the crab inside of sea water which makes for a safe experience with no fingers lost.

Would be patrons walk up to the rows of crabs and pick out the one they're interested in just as they would look over a regular vending machine to choose between chips, sandwiches, candy and soda. Once paid for, the crab is retrieved from the bottom opening of the machine.

Customers need not be concerned that their purchase is dead, the machine maintains a sufficient level of humidity to keep the crustaceans alive and well just ready to get cooked. Are you short of seasoning? No worries. The machine also dispenses ginger and vinegar for a small fee.

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