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Japan man gets jail for shoe poisoning of co worker



[caption id="attachment_70796" align="alignright" width="321"]Japan man gets jail for shoe poisoning Japan man gets jail for shoe poisoning[/caption]Japanese shoe poisoner goes to jail

A Japanese court based in Tokyo served a prison sentence of seven years to a 41-year old man this past Friday. The man was found guilty of assault for placing poison into one of his coworker's shoes, which later caused the tips of her toes to be amputated. In addition to this, he had been stalking her. The crimes occurred in December of last year.

According to media reports, the man's motivation for pouring acid into the victim's shoes was because she rejected his romantic overtures earlier in the year.

Judge Takafumi Miyamoto of the Shizuoka District Court said “This was a vicious crime because he used a chemical that can kill people.”

The chemical he used was hydrofluoric acid, which is extremely deadly to humans if absorbed through the skin and into the bloodstream. The acid was found in the laboratory where the man and the victim worked.

The victim made a visit to the hospital after feeling pain in her foot. She was informed that she had contracted gangrene in one foot and went on to have the tips of her toes amputated. This was done to stop the flow of acid from entering the bloodstream any further.

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