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Israeli Judge Dismissed Over Rape Comments: Said Some Girls Enjoy Rape (PHOTO)



Israeli Judge Dismissed Over Rape Comments: ‘Some Girls Enjoy Being Raped’

[caption id="attachment_72043" align="aligncenter" width="252"]Israeli Judge Dismissed Over Rape Comments: ‘Some Girls Enjoy Being Raped’ Israeli Judge Dismissed Over Rape Comments: ‘Some Girls Enjoy Being Raped’[/caption]Israeli Justice Steps Down Over Comment About Some Girls Enjoying Rape

Tel Aviv, Israel - Judge Nissim Yeshaya served as a justice in the Israeli District Court for years, but has now vacated his duties following a firestorm he touched off by resurrecting the antiquated notion that some women enjoy being raped. The old notion was commonly held in societies across the modern world up through even the 1970s when rape was legally viewed in many quarters as an act of sex.

However, women's right groups successfully pushed a paradigm shift where rape is now viewed as an act of violence. That makes former Justice Yeshaya's comments all the more sensitive.

“It’s outrageous – these people are supposed to deciding the fate of these women and they don’t have the faintest idea of what it means to be a victim of sexual assault,” Miriam Schler, director of the Tel Aviv Sexual Assault Crisis Center told The Media Line. “It sheds light on the level of ignorance that exists in all of these different institutions.”

Prior to this controversy, Yeshaya was on track to become chief of the ruling Likud Party's court. Now, Prime Minister Benjamin "Bibi" Netanyahu has withdrawn his support for his nomination.

Yeshaya previously met with both the Supreme Court President and the Justice Minister where he was likely read the "riot act" and allowed to gracefully step down. Justice Minister Tzipi Livni stated that the former justice's comments may have far reaching effects such as legitimizing rape in the minds of predators. The comment may also have inflicted additional trauma in rape victims who struggle to resume a healthy life following rape incidents.

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