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‘penniless man’ Actually Worth 65 million, has to split it with ex



penniless man worth 65 million

[caption id="attachment_74438" align="aligncenter" width="480"]penniless man worth 65 million penniless man worth 65 million[/caption]Penniless Brit Order to Split $65 Million with Ex-Wife

There really is no substitute for genuine respect in a relationship and prudence with finances. Some people seeming live the dream life when all seems wonderful. That is until the dream ends. The dream ended for Scot and Michelle Young in 2006 after seventeen years of diamond jewelry gifts, jet-setting vacations, and mansions. Their marriage went straight into divorce court.

Scot claimed that his wife was leaving him as a result of his investments going sour and leaving him indebted to the tune of 28 million pounds. Bankruptcy was the only alternative for him and the liquidation process would leave him penniless. She didn't buy that argument, but neither court orders nor subpoenas could get him to reveal complete details on his financial holdings. He even spent six months in jail for refusing to surrender financial documents.

Michelle has spent $6.5 million pounds in the divorce which lasted six years and included 65 hearings. The judge has determined that Scot Young shielded $40 million pounds ($65M USD) in assets and that his ex-wife is entitled to half of that. Whether that is the full extent of his wealth is anybody's guess. The judge upbraided Scot Young calling him a liar.

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penniless man worth 65 million

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