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Price Harry Polar Trek Suspended Over injuries



Prince Harry Dumped: Vegas To Blame?

Prince Harry Puts Polar Ice Race on Hold

Prince Harry, a war veteran in his own right, has dropped out of competition along with his team of mates from the Wounded Warrior program. Their objective was to compete and win a 200 mile snow trek across the Antarctic. The terrain was perilous, temperatures well below freezing, and the elevation exceeded 8,000 feet above sea-level. Competing in a race at that elevation puts further strain on the human body.

The prince trained appropriately or "to standard" as anyone who's attended Officer Candidate School would describe it. Well, he trained to standard as much as anyone can simulate, but the simulations poorly approximated the actual conditions which physically wore out the team. In addition, Prince Harry's team experienced some injuries that raised concerns over the safety of the group.

However, the experience will not be all for naught. The group will still cross the Antarctic, but by a much safer route which is also at a lower altitude. During the time of their competition, they raced in -35C (~ -37F). One member of the team experienced altitude sickness and was removed from the race. In all fairness though, the expedition director admitted the altitude had everyone pretty much licked.

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Prince Harry's 200-mile Antarctic race to the South Pole called off after one week due to injury toll and safety fears

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