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Queen Nut Eating: Queen Tells Police To Lay Off Her Nuts



Queen Nut Eating Scandal: Police Eating Too Many Nuts

[caption id="attachment_75624" align="aligncenter" width="433"]Queen Nut Eating Scandal:  Police Eating Too Many Nuts Queen Nut Eating Scandal: Police Eating Too Many Nuts[/caption]Queen Warns Police to Stop Eating Palace Nuts

Buckingham Palace has a policy of setting out dishes of nuts for convenient snacking by its guests. But Queen Elizabeth was prompted to send out a memo after discovering that members of the police guard assigned to protect Her Majesty during the marriage of Prince Charles and Camilla were dipping into the nut bowls to satisfy their own hunger a bit too often.

This caused the Queen to feel royally annoyed and announce in no uncertain terms that guards were instructed to keep their "sticky fingers" out of the nut-filled guest bowls located around the Palace grounds.

The problems regarding unchecked nut consumption at the Palace recently came to light during the trial of certain News of the World editors and the stories they were working on in 2005 when the incident occurred. Editor Clive Goodman told his boss Andy Coulson about the incident in an email about possible stories he was working, prosecutor Andrew Edis told the jury before reading them the message.

“(There is) something about the behavior of the police which has upset the Queen, who are apparently helping themselves to the nuts and the like that are left out at the Palace,” Edis quoted the email as saying.

According to the email, the nuts laid out in advance of the royal wedding had been “scoffed by police,” Goodman added, using a British slang for scarf. This prompted the memo to be sent to officers, he wrote.

“The problem is the police on patrol eats the lot,” Goodman wrote, adding that the notice was “telling them to keep their sticky fingers out.”

Although many jurors thought the story seemed pretty funny, the judge warned everyone that the allegations of excessive nut consumption by police guards had not been proven to be true.

There have also been reports that the Queen instructed that nut levels be marked on each bowl to determine just how quickly the supply was diminishing as compared with the number of Palace guests around to consume them.

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