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Murat Col set girlfriend on fire said he didn’t mean it – She Forgives Him



Murat Col set his girlfriend ablaze - She Forgives Him

[caption id="attachment_76185" align="aligncenter" width="650"]Murat Col set his girlfriend ablaze - She Forgives Him Murat Col set his girlfriend ablaze - She Forgives Him[/caption]Wealthy Real Estate Agent Sets Girlfriend Ablaze - She Forgives Him

Sydney, Australia - Murat Col was a successful real estate agent accustomed to a lavish life style. However, on one occasion, Col returned home and took issue with his girlfriend, a lovely young woman by the name of Maryanne Scott. For reasons unclear, Col took a bottle of methylated alcohol and threatened to set her ablaze. He later made good on that threat and she was on life support at a local hospital.

Call it Stockholm Syndrome or just plain kind hearted forgiveness, but Scott has forgiven her boyfriend for the pain he inflicted on her. Col claims he did not mean to cause his girlfriend any harm. Scott has been making the same affirmations. Her willingness to forgive Scott perplexed the prosecution during the criminal trial.

It was Scott's hope that her reconciliation with Col would soften the hearts of the officials in the appeals process, but they were not in a forgiving mood. Col's ten year sentence will stand and he will not be released from prison until the year 2021. Scott was permanently scarred by the attack and manages pain stemming from the incident. Nevertheless, she plans to marry Col when he is released from prison.

[caption id="attachment_76186" align="aligncenter" width="650"]Murat Col set his girlfriend ablaze Murat Col set his girlfriend ablaze[/caption]

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Murat Col set his girlfriend alight but she said he didn't mean it

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