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Doctor admits selling newborns: One Child Sold For $165USD



[caption id="attachment_76426" align="aligncenter" width="448"]Doctor admits selling newborns Doctor admits selling newborns[/caption]Doctor Admits to Stealing Babies and Selling Them to Human Traffickers

Fuping County, China - There is no way to aptly describe the depth of Zhang Shuxia's breech of the Hippocratic Oath. The once respected physician, who was also set to retire, recently stood trial and confessed to stealing babies and selling them to human traffickers.

For those wondering how a doctor could steal babies and get away with it, the answer is simple: China's one-child policy. The internationally denounced policy of restricting families to having one child gave Shuxia her opportunity. She would tell unsuspecting parents their newborn was afflicted with a congenital disease from which they were not expected to live. The parents would then sign papers relinquishing their rights to soon-to-die infant whom the doctor would then sell to human traffickers.

The babies were purchased by families desperate to have a male child as their heir which is also concomitant to the one-child policy. In all, Dr. Shuxia sold seven babies over the period of 2011 to 2013. With the exception of one child who died in April, all six have been rescued and returned home. The child who died was sold for as little as $1,000 Yuan or $165 USD. However, in another case, she sold one baby for 21,600 Yuan ($3,600 USD) and that trafficker flipped the baby for 59,800 Yuan ($9,900 USD).

The Beijing Times newspaper called for a "fair punishment" for Zhang to deter other doctors. "It will inject the authoritativeness of law into professional ethics of doctors and will warn doctors not to take the wrong step that brings them lifelong regret," the paper said.

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Chinese doctor admits selling patients' newborns

Doctor admits selling newborns

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