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India Building Collapse Kills 14



Using shovels and backhoes, rescuers on Sunday searched for survivors under an enormous heap of crumbled concrete and debris left following the collapse of a residential structure being constructed in the south region of India. Fourteen workers were killed in the collapse.

Witness reports indicate at least 40 laborers on the work site. Authorities believe dozens more may still be trapped beneath the building's remains, but they are still trying to determine exactly how many workers were present on Saturday afternoon when the five-story building crumpled into dust in Goa.

State official Venancio Furtado indicated that firefighters and soldiers worked overnight clearing debris and listening for cries or movement in the wreckage.

During the overnight hours, at least 10 survivors were pulled from the wreckage alive. However, the odds of finding more survivors were lessening according to Furtado. The death toll had reached fourteen by Sunday morning.

Upon noticing fractures forming in the apartment structure next to the one being built by the company involved in this collapse, Mumbai-based Bharat Developers and Realtors Pvt. Ltd.,Goa Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar states that he requested an analysis of the entire building design. Parrikar believes there are issues with the design, which is what lead to the disaster.

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