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Spanish Princess Faces Tax Fraud Charges



Paris, France - The role of a princess is to perform acts of generosity and service to her fellow countrymen, support charitable efforts of her choosing, and represent the monarch and her nation with dignity. However, for Spanish Princess Cristina, she may soon face criminal charges stemming from a long-running corruption investigation.

Princess Cristina is the baby of the family of King Juan Carlos. It goes without saying that raising the specter of criminal allegations against someone so prominent would necessitate a highly thorough investigation. It appears that the princess will be facing some serious charges very soon. Her husband, Iñaki Urdangarin, is already facing charges in connection with tax evasion, embezzlement, and fraud. His wife is now ensnared in that same investigation.

Authorities believe the couple dipped their hand in the public "cookie jar" of tax revenue to the tune of €6 million ($8.2 million) under the guise of operating a sports-related charity.

“These sums were used on strictly personal spending. They should have been declared in income tax returns. But it is evident neither Inaki Urdangarin nor Mrs Cristina de Borbon [the royal family’s name] ever did so, which means they repeatedly defrauded the tax authority,” he ruled.

The magistrate handling the case made the allegations of corruption in a ruling that was 200 pages long. The growing scandal has badly damaged the public view of the royal family and 60% of Spaniards believe the 76-year-old king should step down from the throne.

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