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Iranian man goes 60 years withouth bathing (PHOTO)



Dejgah, Iran - The man known by locals as Amou Haji has not bathed in the last six decades. Yes, it has been 60 years since Mr. Haji last washed his body clean. Put another way, he has lived through the fall of the Shah, the rise of Islamic militarism, and the Iran-Iraq war without so much as a quick shower.
Thus far, the longest time on record for a person to not have bathed belonged to Kailash Singh of India who had not washed himself in 38 years. Predictably, Mr. Haji is emotionally disturbed. Locals believe that he suffered a trauma or heart break as a young adult and made the decision to live off the land and forgo bathing. He literally lives off the land as he eats the flesh off road kills or deceased animals. He occasionally enjoys a smoke made of animal feces.
His favorite dish is rotting porcupines. He drinks what water he finds on the land as long as it's dirty. He scoffs at any offer to bathe or eat what others view as "clean" food and water. He has two residences: a hole in the ground where he lays prostrate and a brick shack constructed by concerned locals.

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Man has gone 60 without bathing!

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