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Allegations of Embezzlement Prompt Investigation into Funds Used for Mandela Funeral



Civil rights legend Nelson Mandela was taken to his home village of Quno, South Africa, and laid to rest on December 13, 2013, but the investigations surrounding the events that marked and celebrated his life, are ongoing.

New allegations concerning the misappropriation of funds that were meant to be used for the transportation of mourners to Mr. Mandela's funeral have surfaced, and have prompted the launching of an investigation into what actually happened to the money.

According to the Saturday Dispatch newspaper 5.9 rand (US$532,000) was dispersed to an official of South Africa's ruling ANC party, and it has been alleged that not all of the funds were used to transport mourners, as it is thought that some of the money was used to print ANC t-shirts.

"Our conscience is alarmed by these allegations, that at the time of sadness, there could be such occurrences," Milbo Qoboshiyane, the ANC's head of elections, and the Eastern Cape provincial government, said. The ANC has stated that they will launch an investigation to find out what happened to the funds. "We will urgently seek answers from the municipal authorities about how this money was spent," Qoboshiyane said.

General elections are to be held in South Africa later this year, and these new allegations concerning embezzlement, are the latest installment of many that plague the ruling ANC.

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