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Killer’s Ex Says Simon Gittany Was “My Best Boyfriend” (PHOTO)



Convicted "Balcony" Kiler's Girlfriend Says Simon Gittany Was Her Best Boyfriend Ever

[caption id="attachment_78949" align="aligncenter" width="648"]Convicted "Balcony" Kiler's Girlfriend Says Simon Gittany Was Her Best Boyfriend Ever Convicted "Balcony" Kiler's Girlfriend Says Simon Gittany Was Her Best Boyfriend Ever[/caption]Killer my best boyfriend ever Simon Gittany

Sydney, Australia - As the sentencing phase of Simon Gittany's murder trial heads to a finish, Justice Lucy McCallum, the presiding judge in the case, has ruled that she cannot admit testimony from a new witness into court. The new witness was a friend of murder victim Lisa Harnum, whom Gittany pushed off a 15-story balcony back in July of 2011, and claims that Harnum expressed a fear to her that her abusive fiancé would attempt to kill her and frame it as a suicide.

It is a starting piece of testimony, but the fact of the matter is the trial is over and with that ends the period of time for the defense to “Voi dere” the legitimacy of any statements by the witness. As aptly stated by the prosecuting attorney, the witness came forward too late. The absence of her testimony from the court record will likely help Gittany avoid the death penalty.

In other related news, Gittany's attractive girlfriend Rachelle Louise spoke as a witness on his behalf during a hearing as part of the sentencing phase and called him the best boyfriend she ever had. She has remained loyal to him through the entire trial and is hoping to do her part to save him from the death penalty.

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