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Nigerians Job Stampedes Ends With 16 Dead Many More In Hospital



[caption id="attachment_81586" align="aligncenter" width="512"]Job-seekers appling for work at the Nigerian immigration department scramble as their exam papers fly in the air, on the pitch of Abuja National Stadium, on March 15, 2014 (AFP) Job-seekers appling for work at the Nigerian immigration department scramble as their exam papers fly in the air, on the pitch of Abuja National Stadium, on March 15, 2014 (AFP)[/caption]nigerians job stampedesStampede for Goverment Jobs in Nigeria Ends in Tragedy

A recent recruitment drive for government jobs in Nigeria has ended in tragedy. Though only 4,556 jobs were available at the Nigerian Immigration Service, more than half a million people were invited to apply.

According to Abba Moro, the Interior Minister, 16 people died in five different locations. He blames their deaths on impatience. According to Moro, the Ministry was simply attempting to facilitate the process of attaining appointment to the Nigerian Immigration Service. Moro says the government will be setting up a panel to investigate the incident and advise the government on next steps. The Education Rights Campaign, on the other hand, believes that the Ministry invited more people to apply than they were able to accommodate.

Over 65,000 people were invited to Abuja National Stadium, a facility meant to accommodate 60,000 people. Only one entrance to the stadium was open to where applicants could complete the aptitude test required by the Immigration Service. Reuters reported counting a total of seven dead bodies among those taken after the incident at the stadium to the National Hospital. Many others were injured. Tayo Haastrup , the spokesman for the National Hospital states that some of the injured are in critical but stable condition.

Nigeria is both Africa´s most populous country and Africa´s second biggest economy. The wealth stemming from the oil industry has helped Nigeria´s economy grow by more than 6 percent per year, but it has increased wealth disparity and has not created employment. Official statistics state that more than 40 million people are unemployed in Nigeria.

Tayo Haastrup, a spokesman for the hospital, said there were several in a critical but stable condition as a result of the nigerians job stampedes.

"We are shocked and deeply saddened by the news of the untimely death of the young citizens who were at the exercise not only to secure jobs but to be allowed the opportunity to contribute towards the development of the nation," said Olisa Metuh, spokesman of Nigeria's ruling People's Democratic party.

Olisa Metuh, a spokesman for Nigeria´s ruling political party, the People´s Democratic Party, has publically expressed the party´s sadness at the sudden and tragic deaths of those looking for jobs and a chance to contribute to the future of their country.

nigerians job stampedes

nigerians job stampedes kills 16

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