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Journalist Roman Romanenko attempts to explain Vologda joke



Journalist Under Investigation for Illustrating Russia's Absurd Invasion of Crimea

Vologda, Russia - As a popular US conservative political commentator once said, absurdity is best illustrated by using absurdity. In that spirit, Roman Romanenko, the chief editor of a periodical in this city of 302,000 people north of Moscow, quipped on his Facebook wall that Russia could act to improve the lives of native Russians in this city without ever having to provoke international sanctions. Okay, that truly was funny.

It was the Vladimir Putin's declaration that the lives of ethnic Russians in Crimea needed protection and improvement that prompted Russian tanks and ground forces to cross into the Ukraine and seize the vital Black Sea province. Now, there is talk in Europe that G-8 cooperation will cease and possible economic sanctions may come as a result of the military action designated as a faux improvement in quality of living. Now, if improving the lives of Russians is the real heart of the matter then start the charitable efforts at home is Romanenko's point. He wryly added that doing it this way would not involve international sanctions. It was a truly pithy comment.

Now, Romanenko is facing an investigation authorized by Governor Oleg Kuvshinnikov of the Vologda region. Well, it was authorized by Kuvshinnikov if one ignores the puppet strings stemming from his appendages all to the way to Putin's presidential palace.



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