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Nine Month Old Baby Mohammad Musa bailed in Pakistan, attempted murder charge



Mohammad Musa (Still from Geo TV video)

[caption id="attachment_82497" align="aligncenter" width="552"]Mohammad Musa (Still from Geo TV video) Mohammad Musa (Still from Geo TV video)[/caption]

A nine month old boy has been booked on felony charges of attempted murder in Pakistan. The baby cried as he was held by an adult and finger printed upon being booked.

Little Mohammad sat in his father's lap in the courtroom, sucking on a bottle. It appears there had been a scuffle at the home, during which the family threw bricks at police officers and gas company officials who were on the scene, attempting to collect an unpaid bill.

"Everyone in the court was saying 'How can such a small child be implicated in any case?' What kind of police do we have?" AFP cites his grandfather, 50-year-old Mohammad Yasin, as saying.

The baby's father and an older, teenage brother were involved in the altercation. What actions took place that have implicated the nine month old are still very unclear. The lawyer representing the family is making the case that the arrests and charges against this infant are retaliation for the previously mentioned altercation.

The police report, according to documents gleaned by CNN news, states that the brick throwing constituted "stoning" and "attempted murder" and this appears to be what the infant is being charged with. Family members of the infant are not commenting at this time. All calls have gone unanswered.

The judge has not officially dismissed the case, claiming that it was not within his jurisdiction to do so. The general feeling is that this is what will be the ultimate outcome. In the time being, the inspector on the case has been suspended by his superiors over investigation of why these charges were filed against an infant child in the first place. The father of the child alleges that more than 25 fake cases have been filed against local residents over this fiasco.

Apparently the gas company was removing meters from homes in the neighborhood and many residents were attempting to block the street and put a stop to this act. Residents claim that they had never received any prior notification that they meters were going to be removed.

The family's lawyer, Chaudhry Irfan Sadiq, told AFP Friday the charges against the child should have been dropped.

"The court should have simply referred the minor's case to the High Court to drop the charges against the innocent child and acquit him from the case," he said.

"This case also exposes the incompetence of our police force and the way they are operating.”

EcandaNow's attempts to contact the family members were not successful.

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Baby Mohammad Musa bailed in Pakistan attempted murder charge

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Baby Mohammad Musa bailed in Pakistan attempted murder charge

Baby Mohammad Musa bailed in Pakistan attempted murder charge

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