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TSA Real Sorry About Terrorizing Toddler (video)



TSA Real Sorry About Terrorizing Toddler (video)

[caption id="attachment_62434" align="alignright" width="300"]TSA Real Sorry About Terrorizing Toddler (video) TSA Real Sorry About Terrorizing Toddler (video)[/caption]Parents Question TSA’s Treatment of Disabled Daughter

On February 8, Annie Schulte and her husband, Nathan Frock, of Missouri endured every parent's worse nightmare at the Lambert-St. Louis International Airport.

According to ABC News, Schulte and Frock were passing through a security checkpoint with their disabled daughter, Lucy, to board a flight to Orlando, Florida for a family vacation when TSA agents approached them to pat down their daughter and check her chair.

The parents agreed to the screening, but only if they could film it. The agents insisted that filming was illegal.

Schulte felt uncomfortable with this claim given that the TSA states on its website that filming is allowed. She insisted that agents could not screen Lucy unless she could film the it.

Lucy became frightened and distraught from the disagreement. She started crying that she didn't want to go to Disney World any longer.

Schulte begged agents to return a stuffed lamb named "Lamby" to Lucy to help calm her, but they refused although it passed screening.

A YouTube video of the incident has shined a spotlight on TSA's continuing policy woes. TSA issued an apology, but Schulte and Frock want more. They want the agency to improve agent training and change some of its policies.

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