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Casey Anthony Bankruptcy: Owes 80 Creditors



Casey Anthony Bankruptcy: Owes 80 Creditors

[caption id="attachment_61098" align="aligncenter" width="529"]Casey Anthony Bankruptcy: Owes 80 Creditors Casey Anthony Bankruptcy: Owes 80 Creditors[/caption]Legal Fees Push Casey Anthony Into Bankruptcy

Casey Anthony became a household name when she was charged and tried in the murder of her two-year-old daughter Caylee in 2011. Although Anthony was acquitted of the murder charges, she piled up hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of debt in fees owed to her defense attorney.

Now Anthony is back in the news, having filed papers in the Federal Court in Tampa, Florida seeking bankruptcy relief.

Anthony, who also owes money to the Internal Revenue Service as well as other fees and court costs relating to her trial, says she has less than $1500 in assets, yet owes almost $795,000 in debt.

According to the 60-page court document, Anthony claims she is unemployed with no cash flow or other income.

In addition to owing money to almost 80 creditors, including services for legal, medical and forensic help in her court trial, she also faces numerous civil suits regarding her daughter's sudden death including a defamation suit from Zenaida Fernandez-Gonzalez, who claims Anthony ruined her reputation.

According to CNN, in 2008, Anthony told an investigator the last time she saw her 2-year-old daughter Caylee was when she dropped Caylee off at Gonzalez's apartment.

Gonzalez's attorney, Matt Morgan, told CNN affiliate Central Florida News 13 he believes the bankruptcy filing is an attempt to postpone the case.

"This most recent filing appears to be yet another calculated delay tactic," Morgan said. "We are not deterred and will stay the course."

But an attorney for Anthony told the affiliate his client is distraught that she can't pay her legal fees.

"To some extent she feels, she feels bad that she's having to have all these legal services provided to her and she is unable to compensate anyone," Andy Chmelir said. "So she wants closure more than anything else."

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